etiquettebe mindful:

Hygiene ~ lets feed off each other’s energy not odors
Demonstrate patience with others ~ they will do it for you tomorrow
Phone use ~ let your phone – and yourself – have a text and chat break
Hold yourself accountable ~ it’s your own actions and thoughts
Time ~ respect other people’s and be here on time


be self aware:

Movements ~ actions impact others – place yourself in the back row if you’re having a tough one
Speak with kindness ~ to yourself and with everyone else
Wear ~ something that makes you feel comfortable – just not made of Saran Wrap
Community ~ is powerful – decide what vibe you want to create and work towards that


be accountable:

Face challenges ~  it will show you what you’re made of
Stay in the room ~ on your mat and towel is a bonus
Be present ~ your thoughts and responsibilities can wait until you’re done
Connect Body and Mind ~ the most incredible relationship you will ever build is with yourself. Be consistent.