lead mentor


IMG_8520.liz.2r2By the time I was seven, my family and I had lived in four different countries spanning three continents. When we finally settled in Vancouver, Canada I was truly excited by the prospect of not having to learn any more languages. Growing up in such a beautiful, vibrant city definitely had its rewards, and Vancouver is an extraordinary place that I will always call home. However, at a certain point in my life, I really just needed to get into a warmer climate and out of the rain.

In 2002, a friend suggested I try Bikram Yoga, and as an avid gym goer, I was more than a little intrigued by the challenge of “working out” in a hot room. Basically, I got suckered into a thirty-day challenge and have been practicing continuously ever since.

I moved to LA for the same reason everyone else ends up here- to work in Radio, Television and Film. The need for a major break from my career led me to Bikram’s teacher training in 2007. I figured since it was in Hawaii, I could immerse myself in yoga and enjoy a vacation as well. The outcome surprised me. Training was an incredible experience that shifted the focus of my life in a way I could never have seen coming. Even though I initially had no intention of teaching, I dove into the challenge within days of graduation. I was quite motivated and taught twenty-two classes a week for the first six months to fully assimilate the experience into my system. Twelve years after first walking into the hot room, I feel that I’ve started to develop an honest connection with my practice and discovered a tremendous passion for teaching yoga.

Both teaching and practicing continue to be a profound learning experience, allowing me to observe the direct correlation between my yoga and my life. I’m so grateful for the connection it affords me with my students and for the more conscious relationship that they’ve helped me to develop between my body and my mind.

Living in LA, I feel very blessed to be so close to the Mothership (International Headquarters) as I have continuous access to the best mentors Bikram yoga has to offer. Teachers such as Bikram, Emmy and Craig have had a tremendous impact on me, and I’m so thankful for the deeper realization they are able to awaken with only a few words of correction.

Teaching and practicing are constantly evolving for me, and I recognize that like any other relationship I see as meaningful to my soul, it requires persistent work to find balance between love and frustration. Every day I feel blessed by the freedom and the good health that permits me to walk into a yoga room and polish and smooth out my edges.