evaPhysical movement has always been a very important part of my life. In 2006 after graduating college, I fell in love and moved to Vienna, Austria. While I was living there I took ballet, and modern dance classes with some amazing teachers. I found Bikram Yoga in Vienna in August 2010. The studio offered classes in both English and German and I was curious what a hot yoga class would feel like. After my first class I remember feeling refreshed and mentally relaxed. Those feelings were enough to keep me going back. I started practicing 3 times a week for the first 6 months and soon started practicing 5 times a week. I found the practice extremely challenging, every class a humbling experience that offered me an opportunity to get to know myself better and connect with myself in a very honest way. With the guidance of some amazing teachers I continued to explore my self and went to teacher training in Los Angeles in fall 2012. Training was an incredible experience that forced me to move beyond physical and mental barriers I had created. The experience really opened me up for the beginning of a new time in my life.

Teaching has been a tremendous gift.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to guide and connect with other individuals daily.


IMG_8549.kristie2I grew up in Seattle and was there until the age of 20.  Family life brought me to beautiful Southern California where I was in complete awe; I soaked up the warm weather, beaches, and fun!  But I was young, and quite honestly a little lost.  Like many of us, a friend led me to my first “crazy hot yoga” class.  My experience was ridiculously challenging, yet oddly fun and I felt completely invigorated.  I was hooked and fell in love. After gaining a regular practice and with the help and support of my family, I attended the Spring 2006 Teacher Training.  I felt like my life was beginning and found a strong connect within myself, perhaps for the first time in my adult life. I’ve been teaching full time in Los Angeles ever since and still totally in love with this practice.

The offerings this yoga shares with each of us is limitless and full of beauty.  I feel that when we step into the hot room, it is truly a sanctuary for each individual, a space for us to grow.  Leading a class and to be a part of the special gift and joy people give themselves is nothing short of amazing. This yoga keeps me full of gratitude and appreciation, allowing me to continue to grow and evolve.


IMG_8580.vickistretchNine years ago I would have never thought about adding yoga to my workout regime. I was an avid marathon runner, cyclist and exercise junkie. I had taken a couple yoga classes at the gym, but I found them uninspiring and somewhat boring. That all changed after a strong suggestion from a friend that led me to my first day of practicing Bikram Yoga. I was moved by the combination of poses, and inspired by the energy and focus of the class. Like most beginners, I died in my first class, but loved every moment of it. I maintained a consistent practice for a few years until I came to the realization that something was missing in my life. Socially and professionally, I was doing great. However, my mental and spiritual well-being was questionable. I worked long hours in sales which involved demanding clients and frequent travel. I focused all my energy on my career and the situations around me. Inevitably, I lost all motivation to take care of myself. I stopped exercising, ate poorly, gained weight, and spent most my days in a constant state of fatigue.

I found that Bikram yoga, and especially teaching Bikram yoga, has given me a sense of love and appreciation for myself that I never had before. There was a beautiful ripple effect that transpired when I started taking care of myself. Not only did I become happier and healthier, but my life became much more fun and interesting. I only hope that those ripples continue to disperse so my family, friends, and students can find that excitement for their lives too.


IMG_8327.richI was born and raised here in the American capital of yoga: Los Angeles.  I really love living in a place that celebrates yoga as much as people in LA do.  So much spiritual energy and good vibrations- and I am grateful to play a small role in it all.

I have been teaching Bikram Yoga for almost three years now.  I began practicing yoga at my college gym when I was 19 years old, in a simple desire to stretch and be more flexible.  Since then, I have been able to completely transform my life- my body, my mind, my decisions. My life would be dark and dry without this practice, and I owe Bikram so much for giving me a new and better, richer life.  I love sharing this yoga with others, and meeting like-minded folks who are trying to improve themselves and their lives.

This practice is a wonderful and humbling experience; working and strengthening every muscle, bone, and ligament of the body and purifying your body from the inside-out.  We are so happy to have you and your energy here.


IMG_1843,bonnieAfter two knee surgeries and one solid year eating ibuprofen three times a day, my right thigh was smaller than my left, my knee couldn’t bend very far, and I had constant joint pain.  A friend took me to a Bikram class and I was scared to lock my knee.  But I left class with a feeling that whole body therapy had just happened and although I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t deny it.  So I embraced it.  I became a regular student.  Yoga changed my body… among other changes my thighs became equal in size and my knee could bend enough to get into fixed firm.  I had regained trust and faith in my body.  Mentally I was stronger.

I attended Bikram teacher training 2006 and that was just the beginning.  After the training I relocated to LA and while teaching, I had the good fortune and opportunity to practice the Advanced series with Emmy Cleaves on a regular basis. I learned so much.  It was hard work, it was fun, sometimes it was grueling, but I was hooked and it was fantastic.  I learned that that the limits of my body are only determined by my mind.