STRETCH Teacher Training

If you’re looking to further your understanding of your body and how to teach others, read on.

From June 5 through July 9, trainees study six days a week for five weeks, resulting in over 300 hours of training. Our intensive leads trainees through an all-inclusive curriculum covering a range of courses including the beginners, intermediate and advanced series.

What you GET

  • Body Mechanics
  • 26&2 Dialogue
  • Posture Clinics
  • Therapeutic Benefits
  • Injury & Ailment Education
  • Guest Lecturers and Teachers 
  • Mentorship Program
  • Bishnu Ghosh Advanced Series
  • Teaching Labs
  • Anatomy
  • CPR
  • Pregnancy Series
  • Feedback Fundamentals

Limited spots are available. For pricing or more information, please email us at


Taking place at our studio in Burbank, CA, training is conducted in an intimate and focused setting — one in which trainees are afforded the best opportunities for lab experience and in person teaching experiences.

Our intensive is designed and led by Liz Baghaei and Christine Kline, veterans of the Bikram-method yoga community and fierce advocates of education around physical and mental health inside and outside of the yoga room.

Liz has spent 19 years practicing 26&2 Hot Yoga and has been teaching for 14 years. When she was still a new teacher, Liz realized the power of shedding layers, vulnerability and authentically teaching through the tools of conscious language. Today, she holds a deep commitment to working with teachers and helping empower them through secondary education, labs, and mentoring. She finds that teachers and students alike can create deeper human connections, heal emotional trauma and be inspired to change through the power of knowledge.

Christian has spent the last 16 years practicing hot yoga, starting in his hometown of Seattle. It was hot, overwhelming, and unsettling for him, but he realized that he felt better and was more relaxed after practicing. After attending teacher training in 2008, he committed to being a full time teacher and mentor. Creating space for students to learn how to connect with themselves in the present moment using concentration and hard work drives Christian’s teaching.