Why The Heat?

Why the Heat?

A frequent question we hear is why the heat? It’s a topic that is not often discussed and without proper education, remains a fear for many.  A heated environment to practice yoga is the safest and most healing way to change your body through deep stretching.  When one needs to change the shape of metal, it must be heated… our bones are very much the same. Warm them up and you can re-align and reposition them for complete range of motion and mobility. 


Not only does the heat allow your body to be safe enough to do the deep stretches and postures, but the research on heat and the positive effects it has on the human body are well documented.  It also helps detoxify the body through sweating, improves the immune system by increasing the body’s core temperature, increases the heart rate and thins blood for a better cardiovascular exercise. Even beginners will see and feel immediate results, and with a consistent practice, it will increase strength and flexibility which in turn will slow down the body’s aging process. Through isometric contraction of every muscle and by creating oxygen-rich blood through a tourniquet effect in the joints, it allows the body to heal and replenish itself in an effective and natural way.


This style of yoga will teach you how to diagnose any issues or pain you might be having, and will allow you to have a deeper understanding of and connection to your body. Through practicing this series, people will empower themselves to learn to use these postures as tools to help heal and alleviate pain, much like physical therapy on a daily basis. In the 26 & 2 Ghosh method, there are no props such as ropes, pulleys or bars. In order to protect muscles and to allow for deeper stretching, heat and humidity are used to help promote warming of the muscles in a safe and effective way.