Our yoga room is open for class with new COVID guidelines and more heat than ever.

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Why The Heat?

A Space Built for Yoga

Our 3,500 sq. ft. space was built with sustainability in mind while offering the most comprehensive yoga experience possible.


Today's Classes

The room is large, the heat is 100% on point and the women's facilities for showers and bathrooms are some of the best I've ever seen in ANY gym or studio.

Laurel L.

I’ve been practicing Bikram yoga for 15 years and have taken the class all over the world, in 100s of studios, in different languages and I can honestly say that STRETCH is my favorite studio!!

Shannon B.

The teachers are extremely attentive to the students, showing genuine concern to ensure you're following, learning & spiritually reaping the benefits of your practice, no matter what your level.

Viki N.

The locker rooms are great and I love that the hand soap smells like fruit roll-ups haha.

Mara M.

Having been around great coaches and trainers I have to say the owner Liz is a phenomenal teacher. She has made my experience the absolute best.

Greg B.

Stretch is one of a kind. From the yoga room aesthetics of quality carpet, superior heating system, impressive lighting and mirrors, to the incredible teaching filled with thorough knowledge and experience.

Dara M.

The teacher was amazing. She actually cared and observed everyone and helping them do better. Absolutely amazing place. Very clean. Very new.

Mane S.

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