first timers

  • IMG_8541For your first class please be 15 minutes early.
  • Be mentally prepared to be hot and sweaty, to challenge yourself physically and mentally for 90 minutes, staying in the room is your only goal when you start out.
  • It’s best to practice with a relatively empty stomach; avoid eating for 2–3 hours before class.
  • Come well hydrated. You will sweat and being hydrated makes class more enjoyable and ensures you feel better after class.
  • Wear fitted work out clothes, as little as you’re comfortable in, and avoid loose clothing or accessories.
  • Bring a yoga mat, a large towel for over your mat and a bottle of water. If you don’t have any of these, no problem; we have plenty for purchase or rental at the school.
  • Besides the essentials mentioned above, everything else should be left in the changing rooms.
  • You can create an account and buy a membership ahead of time here or we can do it in person at the school.
  • Most importantly come with an open mind. Take several classes and feel your body before you decide what you truly think of class.